Healthy Vs. Wealthy

What most church capital campaigns are missing

By: Chuck Klein of Impact Stewardship, NACDB member

A church capital campaign conducted properly should be a spiritual process and not a financial transaction. This is the golden opportunity for church leadership to teach, engage, challenge, disciple and communicate.  Don’t let this opportunity go by without giving your people the chance to learn, grow, share, become involved and be challenged in a way they may have never been before. So many areas are never considered in a church’s capital campaign because the focus gets stuck on the wrong emphasis: money.

Here are key non-monetary goals that every church should aim for:

#1 This is a teaching opportunity.  You have before you the opportunity to educate EVERYONE in your church about Biblical stewardship.  Help your new believers understand the difference between tithing and sacrificial giving. Tithing is about consistent obedience and generosity in response to how God has blessed you.  It is truly an act of worship.  However at times, God will call his people to a time of over and above sacrifice for His Glory and for His Kingdom purpose.  This should be the Biblical foundation of all church capital campaigns.  In addition, this is a chance to teach these timeless principles to ALL AGES. This means not only your adults but your children and teens.

#2 The church is at such a unique time.  So many different generations are represented (MiIlennials, Gen X, Boomers, Silent Generation and Beyond). All receive and process information in such different ways and what motivates each to respond are so different.  This creates a challenge for church leadership but in the case of a capital campaign, it creates such a wonderful opportunity.  Engaging all generations is imperative and a successful church is able to communicate in a way to engage all of its members.

#3 One of the greatest things church leaders can do for their people is to not try to handle all aspects of the campaign.  Instead, they need to delegate. When churches involve a larger amount of its people in the process, everyone wins.  When a church leader decides to run a campaign with only a pool of 3-5 people, it can be a recipe for disaster.  These 3-5 individuals usually include the Pastor and key staff. As we know, these individuals already have a full time gig and we don’t need to put any more on their plate than is absolutely necessary.  Involve multi-generations on your campaign teams.  Let them all be a part of sharing the narrative and working together for a common goal while helping communicate to their generation as a key influencer.

#4 Your church has a story to tell. Generations of ministry stories exist because of your people’s generosity.  Don’t lose site of this as you walk through this important season.  The message is important.  It’s not about a building but about the ministry that takes place because of that sacred space.

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