Space Stewardship Program

By: Ron Ogden of Series Seating, NACDB member and Corporate Sponsor

Conventional wisdom
is doing what you have always done because that’s what you have always done…accepting the status quo. The responsibility of SpaceStewardship inspired us to challenge conventional ways of doing seating. The conventional options shown below all present significant restrictions in seat capacity and traffic flow with the limited amount of egress space between the rows.

Space Stewardship (2)


The principle of stewardship
recognizes that everything we have comes from God and belongs to God. We are simply given charge over it to put it to good use and make the most of it. This applies to our finances, our talents, and all resources. And though you don’t always think about it, your church campus real estate is another gift placed under your charge – and at the heart of that campus is perhaps the most important space of all…that space set aside for worship. Making the most of that valuable footprint is part of what pew replacement and SpaceStewardship is all about – and remains at the heart of all we do for the market we serve.

The key to space efficiency is in achieving a tight seat envelope in the seat design. This is what determines the amount of passage between rows and ultimately impacts seat capacity, traffic flow, and maintenance issues. The illustration below shows the 15.5” envelope in the SERIES Vera chair that allows a 20.5” egress, significantly greater than the typical 12” egress on a conventional pew.

Eliminating the intermediate arm dividers associated with conventional theater seats advances the cause of space efficiency by providing 2 more inches of individual space at the hips and elbows. Over the past several years the “no arm” option has accounted for over 97% of sales to the church market.

At SERIES we take great strides in making small footprints. The Vera chair consumes only 2.36 square feet of floor space compared to 3.66 square foot per seating unit with a conventional pew. We call that a small footprint that makes a big impression. In an auditorium designed to seat 1000 people with a conventional pew, the Vera chair will free up 1300 square foot of usable floor space that would be lost to a pew, allowing you to make the most of your own worship area footprint. Ultimately the Value of the SERIES Vera chair will be inseparably linked to the value of your real estate.

Space Stewardship (3)

SERIES is the industry leader in product innovation and design solutions in the seating industry. We have proven excellence in the Performing Arts, Worship, Education, Stadium, and Cinema Markets. Ron Ogden is founder and president of Worship Space Advisors based in Winona Lake In. Ron can be reached at 

We are here to help! Please let us know if you need anything.  To speak with an NACDB Certified Church Consultant, please contact us! Plus, you can always learn more on our website:

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