Church Design Trends for 2017

By: Kurt Williams of T&W Church Solutions, NACDB member and Certified Church Consultant

Just like any trend, not everyone is inclined to follow along. The same is to be said for church trends. Every church’s DNA is very unique and may or may not align with the “general direction” that we have observed in church design trends. However, the design trends we are seeing as we head into 2017 are very “people” focused and might spark some thought for your own ministry.
The five trends to note are:

  • Multi-site venues
  • Community centers
  • Connection space
  • Children’s security
  • Children’s play areas


Multi-Site Venues

Large churches have struggled to connect with and bring their people into community and involvement with the church. The struggle to connect people into the church is primarily due to the large number of people and the limited opportunities to plug them into the ministry. One of the many benefits of multi-site, is the ability to replicate the DNA of the home church while providing opportunities for connection and involvement within the church.
Community Centers

Today’s growing churches are finding ways to use their buildings seven days a week. A “Community Center” ministry mindset draws people into your facility for a number of different community meetings and activities. These are people that would normally never cast a shadow in the door of a church. You never know…that totally unrelated church activity may be the way the Lord “nudges” someone to check out a service on Sunday.
Connection Space

Traditionally, the foyer/narthex was the conduit to get people from your worship space to the parking lot as quickly as possible. The new gathering/connection space (foyer/narthex) is now an area for all to slow down, fellowship and connect with others. To satisfy this critical need, architect’s are designing spaces that are at least 1/3 the size of the worship center up to 1/2 the size.
Children’s Security

Millennial moms list safety as one of their highest concerns for their children. The church that is not visibly addressing security control in their children’s areas are “telling” those young mothers how important their child really is. The trend is to have a central security check-point. Security can be done in a very warm and inviting way while allowing parents to feel good about leaving their precious child in your hands.
Children’s Playscapes

Either indoor or outdoor playscapes are great opportunities to reach out to the community. As a part of the “community center” ministry mindset, playscapes bring families to your campus to let their kids run off a little steam AND connect with you and each other on days other than Sunday.
A trend is a general direction in which something is moving or changing.Not every trend is right for every church, but trends can be a valuable way to gauge what the public is looking for in a church and what other churches are doing to reach a largely unbelieving public. My hope is that this quick summary of what we are seeing as trends for the church, might plant a couple seeds on how your ministry might adapt/adopt to reach those in your community.

Over the last ten years, T&W Church Solutions has designed and built over one million square feet of ministry space in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Our process is designed to understand your specific ministry and then develop a building plan that reflects who you are and how you do ministry. If you are considering expanding your facility, re-purposing your existing space, relocating your ministry or launching a new multi-site location, T&W Church Solutions can help.

Kurt Williams, NACDB CCC, LEED AP, is a Design/Build veteran at T&W Church Solutions ( with over 30 years in the industry, 25 of those years guiding hundreds of churches through the various stages of Planning, Designing and Building their new facilities. T&W Church Solutions is a Design/Build firm who partners with ministry-focused architects to serve the churches of Central Indiana as well as the only NACDB (National Association of Church Design Builders) Certified Firm in Central Indiana. Kurt can be reached at