NACDB Annual Member’s Meeting

Why is the NACDB Annual Member’s Meeting so important?

Waldon Studio Architects | Bay Area Community Church | Annapolis, MD

Waldon Studio Architects | Bay Area Community Church | Annapolis, MD

We are holding our Annual Member’s Meeting on September 29th, 2015! This is a chance for the NACDB members to fellowship, network, and keep up with the ever changing design and construction industry as well as other best business practices.

One of the Presenters at the meeting this year is Leroy Hamm of IHD Corporation. IHD Corporation is an industry leader in pre-screening and personnel development and has been around for 27 years. The firm focuses on human resources services, management, and team development.

While preparing for the Annual Meeting, we ran across this article about conflict resolution and immediately thought about you – the church. Not just businesses can use the tips in this article – your relationships with staff, committees and your congregation can all benefit.

Conflict Resolution By Leroy Hamm

Understanding Human Behavior to Resolve Conflict in Your Workplace

The hope of every relationship is to keep conflict to a minimum; but once you find yourself in a polarized “us vs. them” or “me vs. you” mind set, the challenge is stepping out of the conflict and looking at conflict in terms of interests versus position.

Mutual Interests vs. Position

Keeping mutual interests in focus is paramount to a mutually agreeable resolution of conflict. A domestic conflict which focuses on mutual interests, such as the children’s needs being met, is more productive than a positional perspective where demands come from who gets what on…

To download the rest of this article, click here. More information on IHD Corporation can be found here.

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