Reflecting on 2013

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December is a time to sing carols and drink peppermint-flavored coffee, but it is also a time of reflection. Reflection on the last year, perhaps your performance at work or your relationships with family, maybe even how involved you have been in your church or with giving to the community.

Then, after you have thought about all those things, its time to prepare – to think of the future. The next year. How you will grow and how you will grow in your relationships. We challenge you to also think of your church. Churches grow, too – organically and with planning. Even if you are not in a designated position, it still would be good to bring up some of these questions amongst your family and friends. They may seem simple but you may be surprised at how often we don’t have a clear or consistent response:


Who are we trying to reach?

What building (or buildings) will help us reach them?

Are we offering based on what they can afford?

How do we propose to afford it? (Stewardship campaign, financing, sale of existing facility?)

Where should it be (neighborhood, freeway, inner city)?

When do we want it finished?

What do we do with our congregation until it is finished?

Is there a plan in place to handle growth once it is built?