Top 3 Lessons from 18 Years in Construction

NACDBTop 3 Lessons From 18 Years in Construction

Written By:Mark Johnson, The Derrick Companies, NACDB Member, NACDB Certified Church Consultant

New Richmond commercial building company, Derrick Building Solutions LLC, recently announced the promotion of Mark Johnson to the position of Vice President – Project Management. Mark has been with the Derrick family of companies since 1995 and has led numerous significant projects over the last 18 years.

“I was asked by some of my colleagues for the top advice from lessons learned in my 18 years with Derrick,” says Johnson. “While much has changed with technology and communications in the industry, the best advice is timeless:

1)       Straightforward and honest communication is always the best.  Every project will have its unique challenges, but it’s always wise to have open and honest communication with owners and other contractors on the job.  This helps build trust and reiterates the fact that you are all on the same team working toward the goal of a successful project.

2)      Taking care of a client pays dividends in the long run.  At times, it’s tempting to let the finances of a project be the primary concern, but taking proper care of the project owner and honoring commitments builds a long-term client relationship based on trust.”

3)      Time spent in planning saves resources during the project.  Of course the best made plans are subject to change, but high quality advanced planning saves time, money, and headaches during the course of the project.”

Besides his broad experience in commercial building, Mark is also a Certified Church Consultant and an active member of the National Association of Church Design Builders and the Wisconsin Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors.  Mark is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato, and a native of Windom, MN.

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