How to Form a Building Team: Part Three

Building Committees Don’t Work… Building Teams Do!!!

By: Kurt Williams, an NACDB member

Derrick St. Joseph 2

The Best-Practice approach to designing and building places of worship will involve the maximum number of people from the church, thus increasing their ownership of the project along with their financial support. The most effective way to do this is through the use of Focus Teams who have a particular area of the ministry that they are passionate about. Each of these Focus Teams should be led by a member of the Building Team, who would be responsible for the flow of information to the Build Team, Architect and Builder, while maximizing congregational input.

The following is a list of the most common Focus Team Areas that are represented:

1) Finance & Capital Campaign

2) Worship Area

3) Audio/Visual/Lighting & Acoustics

4) Interior Design

5) Furnishings

6) Education Area

7) Fellowship & Kitchen/Café Area

8) Sports & Recreation

9) Property, Landscaping & Grounds

10) Construction

11) Building Operations

12) Communications

13) Prayer & Outreach

With these Focus Teams of seven to fifteen people, the experience and wisdom of your church are brought into the process of collecting information that is critical to the successful design and build of your new worship facility. By following the outline above, your church now has a framework to not only plan, design and build a new building, but more importantly, to include, develop and build the leadership skills of the people of your congregation.