How to Form a Building Team: Part Two

Building Committees Don’t Work… Building Teams Do!!!

By: Kurt Williams, an NACDB member

Stewart & Tate- Church of the Open Door

The Building Team has been commissioned to work with a design and build team to take the church’s vision and make it reality. The varied backgrounds, perspectives, and professions of a healthy Building Team will provide a mosaic of “best practice” ideas for your growing ministry to reach out to the community that surrounds you.  At a recent National Association of Church Design Builders Training Event, Jack Coffee, the building chairman for all of Southeast Christian Church of Louisville, Kentucky’s building programs, shared six Keys to Improve the operation of your Building Team:

1) Keep the team small – five to seven people.
2) Include communicators on the team – a strong chairman is important.
3) Keep the Senior Pastor off of the team – the pastor should be “insulated” from the stress and strain of a building program.
4) Have a staff representative on the team – a communication link.
5) Choose people who will work well together – each member must have a humble, servant’s heart.

6) Remain focused on the Mission of the Church.

Another key to a successful building program is Focus Groups.  Stay tuned for “How to Form a Building Team: Part Three.”

How to Form a Building Team: Part One

Building Committees Don’t Work… Building Teams Do!!!

By: Kurt Williams, an NACDB member


Is your church getting ready to jump into a building program? The wrong way to go about starting the process is to set up a “Building Committee” that is made up of retired construction workers, the group that re-decorated the restrooms and another dozen, or so, representatives of every special interest group in the church. The result of this “Building Committee” is predictable: disagreements, arguments, damaged relationships and compromise to the point that nothing productive happens.

The bible makes no reference to “Building Committees”…the only conclusion that can be drawn from this study is that they are a result of the Fall. All joking aside, how often do building programs run aground due to internal disagreements and personal agendas within the “Building Committee”? The first step in the right direction is to develop a group of dedicated individuals to serve on the Building Team. There are many more characteristics for a healthy Building Team than we can list. The following list highlights some of the most important characteristics for this team of five to seven Prayer Warriors:

1) Fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

2) Fully aware and supportive of the Ministry Vision and Mission.

3) Emotionally Stable.

4) Respected within the Body of Believers.

5) Have Common Sense.

6) A Team Player and Consensus Listener.

7) Varied Backgrounds and Professions.

8) Diligent and Committed to the Entire Process.

9) Having Creative Planning Skills.

10) Knowledgeable or willing to learn about the Construction process.

Selecting the individuals who will be a part of your Building Team also involves examining their backgrounds.  Stay tuned for “How to Form a Building Team: Part Two.”